Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Lost and found...

If you have been for a walk in the Dunster Forest in the last week or so you may be concerned that we are playing a practical joke on visitors by confusing the waymarked trail signage!

What we are actually doing is gradually phasing in a brand new waymarked trail network, that will take the number of walking trails from 3 to 7. The walks have been designed as cicular routes which take in all the best bits of the Dunster Forest. They include 3 walks that start and finish on the edge of Dunster, so you can factor in a well deserved pint by the fire or cream tea into your walk!

The old walking trail network will still remain in place for the duration of the installation process, but once all the signage is in place the old trails will cease to exist. Details of the new walking trails are available from our webiste, www.dunsterestate.co.uk.

The existing cycle trail will also be phased out in time, and we will be reviewing this to make improvements to this facility.

New leaflets will be available from the end of october.

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