Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Where's spring gone?

As we are told here in the south west that we are in drought, the Dunster estate, and surrounding area has been subject to some of the highest rainfalls on record. As a result we have had flooding, trees down and ditches and streams that have been dry for many years, are now flowing rivers. As you can see, Nutcombe Bottom Car Park and play area are lucky to still be in place!
The brief lull in the weather has helped levels to drop again slightly, but with more rain to come we are not letting our guard down too much.
Regardless of this, when the sun has shone, it has been positively spring-like, with the wildflowers starting to put in an appearance- despite probably not knowing what season it actually is, and many of our walks are bordered with bluebells, violets, and primroses.

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