Friday, 11 January 2013

tales from withycombe wood

In a similar vein to the recent BBC 4 programme, Tales from the Wildwood, the Dunster estate volunteers have recently begun the process of getting one of our most wildlife rich woods, Withycombe Wood, back into management, and they will hopefully be getting some useful produce out of it too- including pea sticks, hurdles and even charcoal.
They will be using traditional coppicing techniques to manage the stands of hazel in the wood, as well as continuing to monitor for some of the area's iconic wildlife species- such as the Dormouse.
Though the volunteers will continue to do other tasks, Withycombe Wood will be the regular place we come back to, and it will be great for them to get to know the wood through the seasons.
Watch this space for further updates on the work of the volunteers in Withycombe Wood.

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